Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

It is projected that over three-and-a-half million men in the united kingdom alone have gynecomastia, a condition which results in the breast tissue in males to grow into female-like breasts. Gynecomastia generally impacts teenagers but may occur at all age groups. If gynecomastia is made up fundamentally of surplus fat tissue, a surgeon is likely to use liposuction to take out the excess fat. A tiny cut, less than half-inch long, is performed round the border of the areola, the darkish skin which encompasses the nipple.

The surgery cost for gynecomastia may differ depending on the experience of the surgeon as well as the geographic location. Gynecomastia surgery may cost anywhere between 2,500 to 5,000 US dollars, which will not include post-surgery medication and one has to pay for anesthesia separately, which can total up to 10,000 US dollars as of 2011. As the cost of gynecomastia surgery is high, one should take into account the qualifications of the surgeon to ensure they have got adequate experience in performing unique variations of breast surgery. In general, the more experienced the surgeon is, the greater his or her cost will be.

But in some cases, the high cost of surgery, the risk involved, as well as the odds of failure push a man to look for alternative and they take refuge in the natural male breast reduction methods. Although gynecomastia surgery is certainly one of the solutions that you can choose, there are other options that your doctor may discuss with you before you decide to take this route. There are available alternatives to surgery that usually cost much less, such as pills or acupressure, but in most cases these do not show immediate results. Although surgery cost is high, it is the most effective solution. But you can always consult your physician for other cost effective options.

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